The whole world is standing for Ukraine now..
Each one of us can make a difference, but together, we can create lasting change.

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About the project

The Free Leleka NFT project idea came from a host who helped two Ukrainian girls to flee from Ukraine. All together they decided to create something bigger and support more women and children who are in need.
They got an idea about the “Stork” which in Ukrainian means “Leleka'' .

We created 10.000 unique NFTs of Free Lelekas that are in urgent need of new friends!

Our public mint will be on the 3rd of April at 16:00 GMT / 18:00 EET.

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The main goal of our project is to help with donations to the most vulnerable segment of the country in these difficult times. We created a Free Lekeka NFT donation, where everyone can track where exactly the charitable donations will go.
We created 10.000 NFTs which is one of the symbols of Ukraine.

100% of our sales goes directly to the charity foundation “Tvoya opora”, which is founded to help women and children who are still in the country and in need right now.

By purchasing one Free Leleka you are approximately helping 17 million women and children based in Ukraine by “Tvoya opora” charity.

The ability to raise money and in an open manner on blockchains where everyone can trace where the charitable donations are going is proving important.

As stated below, Free Leleka is a unique piece of art and they aim for freedom and a bright future.

We decided to create a project which will directly help Ukranians in need. We know there are many charity organizations, but we would like to combine help and give something in return - a unique Free Leleka NFT.

It is not just a NFT, it is a special one. Everyone who bought it is supporting a great deal of helping Ukrainian Women and Children. Our donations will go to the charity fund “Tvoya opora” of 100% minted NFTs.

Stork is a symbol of joy. Although the meaning of the stork is not always the same, it is telling of the nature of these beautiful birds that they are so consistently associated with happiness. The same is Ukraine - the country with a bright future on the horizon.

By the way, stork is a symbol of love and happiness in Ukraine. Stork’s nest in the yard of a Ukrainian house means the family lives in harmony and peace there.

Where do the funds go?


The most common problem is everyone wants to help and do their bit for the country, but no one knows for sure if people will get it for 100%.

We decided to transfer all the money to the most reputed in Ukraine charity fund “Tvoya opora” ”with well known women-founders:
Tatarchuk Valeria
Founder and general director of the charity fund "Tvoya opora". Co-founder of the charity project "Charity weekend
Masha Efrosinina
Chairman of the Board of Trustees in Charitable Foundation "Tvoya opora". TV presenter, actress. Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations in the field of population of Ukraine on gender equality and combating violence. Co-founder of a charity project "Charity weekend"
Olga Balaban
Member of the Board of Trustees in Charitable Foundation "Tvoya opora". Director of the Promotion and Public Relations Department of NOVY Kanal LLC.

The Foundation has been operating for 8 years. Every year the fund undergoes an independent audit. Now during the wartime “Tvoya opora” is directly helping with humanitarian, medicines and food for people, especially for mothers and children.

Our project can easily increase the raised funds they already have.



25% Minted

We donate 25% of our sales


50% Minted

We donate 50% of our sales


75% Minted

We donate 75% of our sales


100% Minted

Donate our fund to “Tvoya opora” charity

Post Mint:

Free Leleka is a community-driven project. Our value is you - your feedback is very important for us! By owning a Free Leleka NFT you get to decide the future of this project. We are planning monthly meetings with holders to decide the direction of our development.

Who are we?

The team behind Free Leleka is excited to build a strong NFT community to better humanity. Working tirelessly day and night we thank all of you for your love and continued support.
Representing of our talented team:








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